Supporting Black-Owned Pen/Stationery Businesses & Black Voices in the Pen Community

6/5/2021 UPDATE: View my list of Black-owned Pen & Stationery Businesses here.
If you have businesses that should be added to this list, please contact Pensplaining.


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Now through July 5, I will be sharing content on Pensplaining social media accounts from black-owned businesses in the pen/stationery niche:

  • makers of pens, ink, stationery, notebooks, planners and desk accessories
  • black-owned shops (online and B&M) that carry pen/stationery products

The content will include retweets, regrams, and shared posts. Tag Pensplaining in your posts so that I can find them.

The blog is also open to any guest posts in these areas, as well as any black pen/paper/ink users who would like to share their stories.

Questions? Contact me.

If you don’t like me doing this, please show yourself out.