Pensplaining with Corinne started in early 2018 in response to a few things:

Many of the pen video reviews I find online are very long (over 10 minutes) or full of technical information I don’t particularly need. The Speed Dating with Pens series gets right to the point: what’s my first impression of the pen? How does it write? Is there potential for a long-term relationship?

While there are a number of women in the pen & paper community who are blogging and posting content, it’s still dominated by men. By creating video content on pens, paper and other topics relevant to the community, I wanted to show the ladies of the pen world that yes, there are other women who love pens and paper.

As for the name, “pensplaining” is my spin-off on the term “mansplaining”, made popular by writer Rebecca Solnit (though she did not originate it). I don’t think I’m offering anything that people who are interested in pens and paper can’t get elsewhere, or don’t already know from other resources. That said, I would like to think my approach is infused with humor and respect.

I don’t claim to be an expert on all things pen and paper. My reviews and opinions are based on my own experiences and are not reflective of the opinions and views of any of Corinne Litchfield Media’s clients.

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